The Fact Numerous Ways That You Might Get Into Golf

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There are in fact numerous ways that you might get into golf once you have decided that it is the game for you. I did it after a long career in club cricket & was lucky enough to have friends who were already golfers, members of a club & introduced me to that club where I am still a member.

The most important thing to do is get hold of some golf clubs to play with, these could be hand me downs, secondhand or even new depending on if you feel you are going to stick at it. The next & probably the most important thing to do is organise some tuition, remember your first driving lesson?.

Most Golf Clubs, driving ranges & municipal courses can arrange lessons. Sometimes these are in groups which work out to be quite good value or you can have individual lessons. These are good for learning the rudimentaries but there is nothing like hitting the course & seeing how you get on. I mentioned that I played cricket for many years but on my early visits to the golf course I found it much easier to score a century than it ever was at cricket.

When you start playing in earnest the next thing you must do is discover the rules of golf. These are many & complex but worth getting to know as they can save you from being penalised for making a mistake that you didn’t even know was an infringement.. Some of the people you might play with in your early days will profess to know the rules but I very much doubt if they do unless they have played in serious club matches & been marked by an official referee.

If you are in the unhappy position of not having friends & acquaintances to play with, the group lessons I mentioned earlier might well be the way to go because you might be able to befriend some of the others in your group & arrange a game with them. This also lets you see if you are learning at the same rate as them. To make it interesting if there are four of you, you can always throw the balls up & divide into pairs & play for who buys the pot of tea or the beers afterwards.

Eventually you will move on, join a club & look to having an official handicap. This is sorted out by you submitting three cards with your scores for eighteen holes on them & the handicap committee deciding what you should play off. If you don’t join a club you can still get a handicap through on line tracking services providing you have access to the internet.

To keep the costs down & providing you can fit it around work committments, 2 for 1 vouchers can be bought for about £2.50 which entitle you to get two players playing for the price of one. Ideal for those that have retired & don’t want to commit to playing in one place all the time or those who are able to fit it around work & have a regular playing partner.

These are just a few thoughts on th first steps but I would encourage you to be bold & take the plunge or you will never know what you are missing.

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